10 Foods Rich in Vitamin A That You Know So Well!

Perhaps one of the foods rich in vitamin A that occur when speech is the carrot. However, there are many other options that can be included.

Before you drill down and refer to ten foods rich in vitamin A, it is important to make known this micronutrient is so interesting nutritionally.

The vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, meaning it dissolves only in fats or other organic solvents, by that, to be absorbed, it is necessary the presence of lipids, bile or juice pancreatic. This vitamin has many positive effects on the body at different levels. One can distinguish some features, such as, for example:

  • Maintenance of eye health;
  • Strengthening of the immune system;
  • Prevention of cellular aging due to its antioxidant potential;
  • Conservation of the health of the skin;
  • Prevention of respiratory diseases;
  • Development of bones, teeth, and hair;
  • The participation of the embryonic development.


Vitamin A can be found in various foods, particularly in the form of provitamin A in animal foods (retinol) or vegetable (carotenoid), and the provitamin The most common in foods and supplements with beta-carotene.

Discover a list of foods rich in vitamin A and confirm how easy it is to find foods rich in this micronutrient in their daily diet.


The steak and liver of cow, served usually fried or grilled, is one of the foods with the highest content of vitamin A. 100g of the liver, may find themselves 10700 micrograms of this vitamin, nearly half of the recommended daily dose.


The sweet potato is one of the vegetable sources richest in vitamin A, the presence of this vitamin, as well as anthocyanins, responsible for the orange color or the purple food. Can be consumed in various ways, which, in 100g of sweet potato, cooked, one can find about 4722 micrograms of vitamin A.

10 Foods Rich in Vitamin A That You Know So Well! 1


The raw carrot is a great way to include vitamin a in your diet and also the most well-known. Per 100g of this product you can count on 1326 micrograms of this vitamin, being the alternative vegetable richest in vitamin A.


The pumpkin is a food rich in vitamin A. 100g of pumpkin can ingest approximately 1144 micrograms of this vitamin, a food with various benefits and can be consumed almost daily in various forms, such as in soups, sautéed vegetables or in stews.


The cabbage white, or cabbage, is also a plant source is consumed quite often in soups, baked or sautéed with other vegetables. Considering its vitamin A content, can and should continue to consume this food, as 100g of cabbage cooked provide 885 micrograms of this vitamin.


Butter is a food that, as it is known by a large part of the people, should be consumed in moderation, given its content of saturated fat, which can lead to some health complications, notably cardiovascular disease. However, this food can provide some micronutrients interesting the level of nutrition, as is the case with vitamin A.

In 100g of unsalted butter you can find about 670 micrograms of this vitamin. It is clear that it is not advisable the consumption of this amount of butter; however, its moderate consumption can be an ally to reach the recommended daily dose of vitamin A.


The spinach is another vegetable source of vitamin A, as well as other micronutrients, very beneficial for the health. 100g of this vegetable can provide about 620 micrograms of vitamin A, which is an excellent option to include in their soups.

10 Foods Rich in Vitamin A That You Know So Well! 2


The medlar is one of the fruits most rich in vitamin A. 100g of this fruit (3 to 4 nêsperas) can provide about 420 micrograms of this micronutrient, so that when it comes to the season of this fruit, look to favour its consumption, since, in addition to vitamin A, its content in potassium and calcium, and its low energy value, are also quite attractive.

9. EGG

The egg is a food rich in vitamin A and should not be forgotten given its high consumption by the population and all the advantages that entails for the body. In an egg you can count with around 225 micrograms of vitamin A.


The mango is a fruit very appreciated and consumed in moderation. 100g of mango can provide about 120 micrograms of vitamin A, so their consumption alternating with other fruits is an excellent option.


Before all of the benefits referred to, and the list of foods rich in vitamin A that appears, there is no doubt that it is worth to opt for a varied and balanced diet. Although the content of this micronutrient vary in various foods, it is possible to ensure the intake of vitamin A required in the diet.

However, in certain situations it may be necessary to use supplementation, such as pregnant women or individuals with specific diseases, by which the regulating your doctor is essential to ensure their health condition.

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