10 Foods That Seem Healthy but Are Not!

The designation of the food or the label can, at times, deceive the consumer. There are many foods that seem healthy but, in fact, your list of ingredients says otherwise.

As soon as we enter a supermarket, we are faced with a wide range of foods that seem healthy but actually are not. And in the ongoing search to find a balanced diet, to easily make choices that seem right, when the labels of the food reflects the opposite.

To be able to have a clearer idea on the subject, we have prepared a list of 10 foods that seem healthy, but they are traps. Now see.



The majority of breakfast cereals labeled whole grain, contains, in fact, high sugar content, sometimes as high as cereals with chocolate or other that we recognize, usually as sugary.

So, do not be tricked and always check the labels before making your choice. In addition, be aware that flakes of oatmeal, bread, dark or toasted whole grain options are more interesting from a nutritional point of view.

10 Foods That Seem Healthy but Are Not! 1


The granola is one of the true food of fashion! A growing number of people opt for to include this food in multiple meals throughout the day, namely breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

The combinations are many, but what many forget is that the granola is made up of a wide range of cereals, supplemented with grains, oils, dried fruits (dehydrated), seeds and nuts. To help, in most cases, it is sweetened naturally with honey or molasses.

All this makes the granola a product rich in sugar and fat, not contributing to a healthy diet. 100g of granola can contain nearly 500kcal!

But do not worry, because if you are a true fan of granola, you can do it at home, considerably lowering the content of sugar and fat from the same.


Cute, sweet and very practical, the loaf and the bread-in-milk are actually full of sugars, fat, salt and additives. Consequently, they present a high energy value, being poor in nutrients and in fiber.

Opt for bread bakery, preferably the versions on more comprehensive and, in exceptional cases only, by the loaf of bread packed and by the bread of milk.


Regarded as biscuits that promote the good functioning of intestinal transit and the increase in levels of satiety, due to the high fibre content, this is one of the best examples of foods that seem healthy but that healthy have very little.

In fact, these coasters feature a large amount of fat, including saturated fat, sugar and salt.


Practical, tasty, and seemingly healthy. The cereal bars have emerged, initially, as a quick source of energy for athletes, due to the high content of carbohydrates and fiber.

However, many of the cereal bars available on the market are, in fact, rich in the things that we must avoid: sugar, saturated fat, preservatives and other additives, not to mention that most do not contains so much fiber.

10 Foods That Seem Healthy but Are Not! 2

In any case, the best option is to always read the labels in order to choose the healthiest options.

Even better, you can always make your own cereal bars homemade, or simply opt for healthier alternatives such as bread or the rusks whole grain.


Contrary to what most people think, light products, diet and 0% are not so harmless.

The description of food light derives from the fact that these foods provide a reduction of at least about 30% of its energy value when compared with its original version.

This calorie reduction is obtained, mainly, at the expense of reduction of fat or carbohydrates.

The “Diet”. This designation comes from the word “diet”, being this kind of products properly legislated and designated for special diets (celiac, diabetic, hypertensive, etc.).

Already the 0% are exempted of some nutrient, usually sugar, protein, fat, or sodium.

These products are part of this list of foods that seem healthy, seen that display changes in their composition that, in some cases, become more processed and less desirable than their traditional versions.


Currently, the gluten is seen as a true “bad guy”, being the intolerance to gluten a fashion increasingly more frequent.

However, don’t be mistaken if you think these products have less sugar or fat than the original versions, because many times exactly the opposite is happening.

In addition, these products carry many times the addition of dyes, preservatives and other additives to impart flavor, which makes food very processed and nothing friends and a healthy and balance!


Another Snack of fashion! Sweet and comprised of fruit, joins the useful to the pleasant, tasty and healthy. However, you should pay attention to the nutritional information of these foods between the different brands because some may have added sugars.

Dehydration concentrates the fructose, and can present a significant reduction of the fiber content and vitamins, so try not to overdo the consumption of these foods and prefer fruit in its natural state.

10 Foods That Seem Healthy but Are Not! 3


These waters are, nowadays, widely used as auxiliary to enhance the hydration. However, that is not always the reveals is that they can be comparable to the real soft drinks due to the sugar content they have.

If you want a water with flavors, do it yourself at home by adding lemon, cinnamonor red fruit.


As the fruit dried, fruit juice natural concentrate so much sugar, since they are constituted by more than 1 piece of fruit, and have a content very low in fiber.

As such, present a high energetic value, thus minimizing the true benefits of the fruit.