12 Snacks Practical and Nutritionally Balanced for Your Day-to-Day

If it’s between the main meals that tends to make the biggest mistakes, the snacks of the Brand can be your salvation. Discover the best options.

The healthy and “fit” is the trend of the moment. Currently, the concern with the health and following a healthy eating wins every time relief.

To assist in this mission, Prozis, the largest store of supplementation online, already has a wide range of products that have as purpose to provide a response to a specific dietary and functional that allow you to achieve more easily their goals, both from the point of view of the body composition as sports performance.

One of the categories that have higher expression within the products of the Brand are the snacks rich in protein and with low content in sugar, for, and fill in the gaps in-between meals that a lot of people tend to commit when they don’t know as well what to eat.

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The dried fruit, in a general way, derived from their content of fiber and unsaturated fat are foods that saciantes, being a snack that is tasty and interesting for any time of the day.

12 Snacks Practical and Nutritionally Balanced for Your Day-to-Day 1

Due to their content of fat, have a high energetic value (9 kcal per gram) and, as such, must be consumed sparingly by those who want to control the weight.

You can enjoy these snacks in their most natural form, both in isolation and as included in recipes, mixed with other foods, like yogurt, smoothies or salads.


So versatile and delicious, almonds are one of the dried fruit the most popular in the world.

Although they are mainly appreciated due to its taste and texture, they also have nutritional values very interesting: low-sugar, high fiber content and are an excellent source of vegetable protein.


The nuts are a food very rich in fatty acids omega-3, essential for cardiovascular health, and cognitive, being the fruit most rich in this type of fat.


With the right size for a good snack, have a good crunchy texture and contain a variety of nutrients healthy (protein, fiber, and unsaturated fat). A great healthy option when you feel like chocolate or biscuits by the feel of the crisp.


The cashews are among the nuts most popular as appetizers in gatherings, such as snacks to carry in your lunchbox, as well as in the kitchen.

Differ a bit from the previous options by the fact that they provide more carbohydrates and less fat, resulting in an energetic value lower.


Not everyone will know that peanuts, in addition to an aperitif tasty, are a very nourishing food item. Constitute the main ingredient of peanut butter, are rich in fiber and protein, and have low sugar content and a relatively low value of saturated fats.


In addition to protein supplements, there are protein bars, snack practical and that has as its goal to contribute to the increase of muscle mass and also to the loss of fat mass.

As the name indicates, a good protein bar should display a protein content considerably, as well as a carbohydrate and fat reduced.

12 Snacks Practical and Nutritionally Balanced for Your Day-to-Day 2


The Zero Snack Prozis is the perfect choice for when you’re in the mood for a sweet or a bar of cereal, sugary, it has a protein content high and low content of carbohydrates.

It is in the background considered a “sweet” healthy and very practical, being ideal for all kinds of snacks, whether for sport or simply for anyone who cares to make a healthy diet.


With a purpose similar to the zero snack, this bar features a larger volume and flavours different to the previous.


Of nutritional composition and flavors similar to the Zero Snack, these bars feature a type of fiber with different properties sweeteners, which gives them a distinctive texture.


The bar Melty differs from the previous by presenting three layers (soft, crispy and filling) and have a texture more crispy.

Like the previous, it features a low sugar content and a value of protein is high (higher than previous).


With a similar purpose to the barritas, but in the liquid version there are drinks protein. Are for those who want a snack to drink instead of eating.


The Protein of Milk, Therefore, it’s not just normal milk. With a high content of protein and low in fat, it is an excellent drink to assist in the mission of healthy food.

12 Snacks Practical and Nutritionally Balanced for Your Day-to-Day 3


The Zero Shake Prozis is also a drink rich in protein, like the previous option, but with less carbohydrates and energy value.


Totally no sugar and no fat, Protein Lemonade Prozis, is a more refreshing and light to eat protein. Is a great alternative to soft drinks regular, with the advantage of high-value protein.