5 Foods That Lower the Uric Acid and Take Precautions to Prevent Its Increase

Uric acid is a compound present in the blood, which derives from the metabolism of proteins and is eliminated by the urine. Get to know the foods that lower the uric acid.

There are foods that lower the uric acid and also other natural ways to decrease the concentration of this compound in the body.


Uric acid is a residual product of natural digestion of foods that contain proteins, that form a substance called purine.

The normal value of blood uric acid (uricemia) is approximately 5 mg/dl, however, there are situations in which the levels are high.

Normally the uric acid does not cause any health problem being eliminated by the kidneys. However, when there is some kidney problem, when the person ingests lots of protein, or when the body produces uric acid in excess, the uric acid accumulates in the joints, tendons and kidneys.

In these cases, called hyperuricemia, it is necessary to follow-up medical care and nutrition to avoid the development of diseases such as gout, arthritis, kidney stones and cardiovascular disease.

In situations of hyperuricemia, it is possible to eat foods that lower the uric acid to be able to improve the levels.



Vegetables are foods rich in fiber, which is essential for the decrease of uric acid levels, as they have the ability to bind to the purines (which will cause the uric acid) in the gastrointestinal system.

5 Foods That Lower the Uric Acid and Take Precautions to Prevent Its Increase 1

For example, celery is known to have effects depurativos that allow you to control and eliminate the excess uric acid in the blood.

The carrots also should not be missing in the diet of people who suffer from uric acid because, like celery, it is able to eliminate the excesses of this chemical element.


The kiwi, strawberry and citrus fruits (such as oranges, tangerines and clementines) are fruits rich in vitamin C, a nutrient that has been associated with protective effects in cases of high uric acid levels and gout.

For these reasons, favors the consumption of these fruits, which are part of the foods that lower the uric acid.


The proteins in milk (especially casein) has an effect uricosúrico, that is, favor urinary excretion of uric acid and the decrease of its levels in the blood.

However, these effects are visible mostly in dairy products slim, and one should therefore give preference to options with low content of fat and to exclude particularly the cured cheeses.


Whole grains have two important benefits: in addition to being rich in fiber also have a low content in purines, so one of the groups of foods allowed for those who have high levels of uric acid.

Within this group of foods included wheat flour, whole-grain bread, wheat bran, and oats, for example.

5 Foods That Lower the Uric Acid and Take Precautions to Prevent Its Increase 2


The water should be present in any food and diet, whether or not because of the uric acid.

However, a condition of excess uric acid, the adequate intake of water becomes even more essential, since it will assist the excretion of uric acid and minimize the possibility of stone formation in the kidneys.

Drink a sufficient amount of water will allow the production of more urine and to eliminate more easily the toxins that are in the body.



High levels of uric acid are usually associated with excess weight and obesity.

However, it is of utmost importance that the weight loss is controlled by the nutritionist as major constraints, can lead to loss of muscle mass and an even greater increase of uric acid circulating in the blood.


Exercise can help to improve situations of hyperuricemia. However, you should also be accompanied so as to be moderate and non-violent.

It is important to still follow some of the recommendations, such as:

  • Cooking very well all of the food. With this, you will eat fewer purines.
  • In addition to drinking enough water per day, try to include teas, infusions and juices.
  • Avoid prolonged fasts, and have moderate meals during the day.
  • Try to consume foods rich in calcium daily to avoid pain and arthritis.
  • Moderate or eliminate the consumption of salt.
  • To completely eliminate the alcohol.

5 Foods That Lower the Uric Acid and Take Precautions to Prevent Its Increase 3

Make a diet with foods that lower the uric acid level and follow the recommendations of your nutritionist and doctor. In this way, not only controls the uricemia also be able to lead a normal life and completely healthy.