5 Foods That Should Not Leave (Even) From the Supermarket Shelf!

There are foods that should not leave the supermarket shelf, and we are not talking about only those that are processed and high in sugar and trans fats.

Not always made the best choices when you go shopping, but there are even foods that should not leave the supermarket shelf.

With this article we intend to give to know the foods that do not add anything good to your food, on the contrary, can bring a lot of harm and we don’t talk only on foods that contain large amounts of sugar and fat.

Some of the tips and exchanges simple products can make your grocery cart is much more nutritious, tasty and economical, with no wasted more time within the store.



does not have the same freshness of a sauce prepared in house.

Not only the freshness is affected, as the taste can be very different, especially those that have garlic and onion as main ingredients.

In addition, when buying a sauce already made, you are paying a high price for food of low nutritional quality, which only add calories to your meal.

5 Foods That Should Not Leave (Even) From the Supermarket Shelf! 1

Tip: make your sauces to the salads on time. You will get a food more authentic, made with better-quality products and, on departure, you still will save money.


With rare exceptions, the burgers frozen, are made from pieces of meat from any part of the carcass, which are ground extremely fine and very compact. Even before cooking, you lose the good texture of the meat and the flavor typical of fresh meat.

Also, the ingredients list may have items that are not desirable, such as food additives and allergens that are hidden. The same goes with the minced meat.

Tip: if you want a great burger or minced meat, you need to start with good meat. Buy cuts of whole meat that you prefer and ask them to mince and make burgers at the time, in the butcher’s shop. That way you have total control over the flavor and the texture.


Grated parmesan cheese, many times, brings in a coating of corn starch or another powder intended to prevent the even add. However, this extra ingredient can affect the way the cheese melts or if you incorporate in sauces and foods.

The grated cheese is so one of the foods that should not leave the supermarket shelf, and usually is also more expensive that the other parts do not grated.

Tip: buy the cheese whole and grate yourself at home. You’ll not only save money, but also to ensure that the recipes come out the way you want.


The popcorn is a food with interesting that can be included in the diet, but not when we talk about popcorn processed, where are included the popcorn from the microwave.

Have a taste more artificial and do not know the amount of fat used to prepare them, as well as other ingredients (preservatives and flavorings) that by itself already makes the food less healthy.

5 Foods That Should Not Leave (Even) From the Supermarket Shelf! 2

But the issue of the use of microwaves for the preparation, in addition to the chemicals released by the heat, is the compound of the mixture that comes along with the corn.

Tip: do-it-yourself popcorn, adding honey and cinnamon to give a sweet touch to the popcorn, or a little bit of salt and other seasonings, if you are a fan of the popcorn salted. Check out here the most revenue.


The frozen pizza contain a lot of ingredients useless, as the chemicals and preservatives, but also have too many calories, excess fats, sodium, carbohydrates, and even sugar.

Buy these alternatives as a faster solution may bring other disadvantages that are not in view.

Tip: for an alternative, more nutritious diet, make your own pizzas at home, using bases of cauliflower, for example. That doesn’t even make the homely base, fill the top with your ingredients of choice, will be more healthy than buying alternatives frozen.


Not only are the foods rich in sugar and fats are bad for health. There are other ingredients alarming present in the foods that often go unnoticed to most people.

It must make the smart choices, and, therefore, avoid some foods due to the added ingredients, that do not bring any benefit to health.

5 Foods That Should Not Leave (Even) From the Supermarket Shelf! 3

Read with attention the labels of the food that you place in the shopping cart and if you see that it has some ingredients unknown or that is not healthy, avoid it