9 Essential Foods to Keep Your Gut Healthy

There are several essential foods to keep your gut healthy and you should have close by. Know what and what benefits entail for the health.

In addition to the consumption of some of the essential foods to keep your gut healthy, eating a balanced diet, practice of physical exercise and the reduction of the consumption of alcoholic beverages are aspects that should not ignore.

The intestine is an organ with around 7 meters, with a fundamental role in our health, particularly at the level of absorption of nutrients and water to the body. This is why it is very important we take good care of our gut.


As mentioned previously, there are several aspects to take into account in your intestinal health. However, there are some foods that, due to its nutritional characteristics, will be excellent allies.


The amount of water you need can vary according to age, gender, possible diseases, type of physical activity and ambient temperature. But regardless of all this, it is indispensable that the hydrate, both the level of the numerous functions of the body, such as the level of bowel functioning, which will help avoid situations of constipation , and assist the bowel in the execution of their functions.


The bean is a food, cooked and in every 100g, you can provide more than 7g of fiber, which is very good. The fiber is indispensable for a correct functioning of the bowel, by increasing the cake fecal and contribute to the absorption of water, speeding up the intestinal transit.

9 Essential Foods to Keep Your Gut Healthy 1


Present in the daily diet of most people, wholegrain cereals, such as oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat and buckwheat, are foods very rich in fiber. In addition to helping to maintain satiety for a longer time, will also accelerate the intestinal transit.


The sweet potato is more a food with a content considerable fiber: in each 100g of sweet potato, cooked, you can count with about 3g of fiber, and can take advantage of the benefits already mentioned, of the fiber on the intestinal health.

In order to maximize the consumption of fiber present in the sweet potato, the ideal is to consume it with the peel. In addition, due to their high glycemic index, this food is an excellent ally in weight loss diets.


The kiwi is one of the most frequently consumed fruits in cases of constipation. In truth, this fruit can provide around 2g of fibre per 100g of food.

In addition to the benefits of the fiber at the level of the intestine, the kiwi can also bring you other advantages, such as, for example, contribute to a healthy immune system, for the prevention of some types of cancer and may be a excellent ally in weight loss diets.


The plums should be considered by a large part of the people, the main essential foods to keep your gut healthy.

In fact, numerous dietary supplements indicated for situations of constipation, which include in their constitution the extracts of this fruit. In each 100g of plums, you can also find about 2g of dietary fiber, mainly in the peel.

9 Essential Foods to Keep Your Gut Healthy 2

If you need a laxative natural, or if you just want your bowel to function in perfection, the black plum should be part of your power, in greater or less quantity.


More of a fruit to not forget, for every 100g of pear with peel, you can consume more than 2g of fiber. However, more than in any other example, it is crucial that you consume with the peel, because it is where the largest part of the fiber of this food.

Despite having an energy value greatly reduced, the pulp of this fruit does not mark the difference in the functioning of the intestine.


Dried fruit, plus a few of the essential foods to keep your gut healthy. In this group we can include foods such as nuts, almonds and hazelnuts, which should not be in any way forgotten.

In each serving of nuts (about 30g), can be consumed almost 4g of dietary fiber. In addition, these foods are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, the so-called “good fat”, essential for a healthy functioning of the body, in particular of the intestine.


The broccoli are foods with numerous benefits at various levels and the functioning of the bowel is no exception.

100g of broccoli cooked can provide more than 2g of fibre, plus vitamin C and antioxidants, with benefits, for example, in the prevention of skin aging and strengthening the immune system.

9 Essential Foods to Keep Your Gut Healthy 3


Important is to note that there are other foods that you should avoid. For example, an excessive consumption of red meats, sausages or products with added sugar will harm your intestinal health. So, if your gut does not cause any discomfort recurring and seems to function normally, and if you do not have other diseases that the impençam, it is advisable to put into practice the tips mentioned in this article. Otherwise, or if you have more than 50 years old, you should consult your doctor and ask about the dysfunctions of intestinal feel.

May be you prescribed examinations in the direction of the physician to make a diagnosis of your situation and, if necessary, to start the respective treatment. And then you can live your life again with the comfort of a the intestines functional and healthy.