The 6 Greatest Difficulties to Eat Healthily (and Give Solutions!)

Eating well and healthy is essential to health. However, there are several obstacles to eating healthy that we will show you how to work around.

The intention to redouble care with the power is, increasingly, a priority of the current society, because they are increasing the difficulty to eat in a healthy way.

However, this desire to “eat well and healthy” is often boycotted, with the many temptations scattered in the day-to-day, by a lack of time and the need to make the most of the meals outside of the home.

In fact, the processed foods, rich in sugar and/or fat, have gained each time more space in the daily lives of most people due to its convenience.

However, be aware that it is possible to eat well and healthy, especially if you organize and be able to take a packed lunch with the meals required for your place of work.



Most of the temptations food that we know are rich in sugar and/or fat and are on the other side of the street or in our own home.

Be cakes, pastries or salty snacks, the purpose is, in most cases, the same: work as comfort foods that give us comfort when we feel stressed, tired, hungry or sad.

This happens, particularly with the sugar, because it activates the taste buds present on the tongue, which send signals to our brain to release dopamine, a hormone that promotes a feeling of well-being.

The 6 Greatest Difficulties to Eat Healthily (and Give Solutions!) 1

A good way to overcome this temptation is to work around the feeling of disconsolation and go on eating regularly throughout the day to avoid oscillations and abrupt of blood glucose that will promote consumption of these foods.

In addition, always available, both at home and away, food of a high nutritional density, and with properties saciantes, as the dried fruits oleaginous, dairy products slim, hard-boiled egg, among others, to be more easy not to fall into the temptations of food.


If you are a person anxious, and ends up “downloading” the anxiety in the feed, this is one of the biggest obstacles that will have to work around.

In the first place, it should be noted that there is a difference between physical hunger, that is the one part of the physiological need of the body, and the hunger emotional, that is the one that usually appears suddenly and leads to eat specific foods that, invariably, are unhealthy food.

As such, make the effort not to give in to their hunger for the emotional and try to distract yourself with a conversation with a friend / work colleague, a reading, or even with the practice of physical exercise to divert your mind.

Another important point is to not bring tempting foods, such as biscuits, chocolates, sweets, among others, nor go to any store to buy. In this way, it will be much easier to control.


Another of the difficulties to eat well is the fact that some healthier foods are more expensive than other less interesting from a nutritional point of view.

However, currently it is easier to eat healthy and cheap: for in-between meals, fruit, dairy, bread and dark instead of biscuits or cakes and soft drinks for the main meals, tuna natural, chicken breast / turkey, eggs, are sources of protein, healthy and economic.

The 6 Greatest Difficulties to Eat Healthily (and Give Solutions!) 2


One of the solutions to the most recurrent to eat well outside the home is the preparation of the lunch box to take to work. This way, you can control what takes and consequently the one that eats, avoiding offers unbalanced of restaurants, canteens or bars.

Of course, this assumes always a great organization and spending time to plan the major meals for leftovers for the next day, something that is not always there.

In this sense, the planning of the meals (main and intermediate), as well as supermarket shopping are determining factors for the success of your project of eating well outside the home.

As such, at the beginning of the week plan the weekly menu, including what they will include in their snacks between meals and make a shopping list with the quantities required to make at least two meals.

Opt for meals at the basis of lean meats, fish or eggs, vegetables or salad and rice or pasta, so to be practical to heat the next day.

When the weather is poor and does not have time to make dinner, and therefore is no options to take on the next day for lunch, it is important to have options for healthy meals already prepared.

In fact, if you have on hand, cans of tuna or chicken breast to the natural, legumes (beans, grain), also in airtight containers, salads already prepared and washed, the rice pre-built that only need to heat up frozen dinners that only require an oven or microwave and eggs for baking, you can easily prepare a healthy meal, even a small sandwich.

If you choose this last option, avoid sauces and use a type of bread very dense (more than 60-70g).

The 6 Greatest Difficulties to Eat Healthily (and Give Solutions!) 3


Who never fled from the eating routine in a dinner with friends at the weekend and felt guilty about it? Know that might not be so bad!

In fact, make a meal of screwed up for a week can be beneficial to your psychological health, and to escape the routine of the diet, as well as to speed up the metabolism and weight loss.

The important thing is that it is only one meal and not the whole weekend!

If you have already done one of these meals and have more of a social event in the same week, try to avoid the entrees, the drinks and the desserts, and don’t fill the dish with all that is available, in particular potato chips. If you are able to follow these directions, you will minimize a lot the problem.


When it comes to food, said is not lacking. Food, fashion, diets miraculous, the recommended quantities and more a series of controversy can make quite the goal of eating well.

Look for a nutritionist that will guide in the proper way and learn how to eat well every day, and according to your needs!