To Lose Weight Do Not Eat These Foods…

Learn what foods you should not eat to achieve weight loss. Some will seem very familiar, but do not be surprised. We explain.

Tired of trying diets behind diets and those “few extra pounds” seem to not want to go though? Because they know that to lose weight, the diet may not be enough.
Is that even without knowing, you may be committing some basic mistakes, which can be something as simple as eating certain foods, which in reality are enemies of any diet.
And we speak not only of the “usual suspects”, such as fried foods, soft drinks or candy, for example. There are others, some of which are taken up as healthy. Surprised? Then discover some of the foods that you should avoid to achieve weight loss.



This is probably one of the biggest fallacies to which it is subjected.

Make no mistake, if you abuse this type of food will not only have difficulty to lose weight, as you can still gain some weight.
An article posted in TIME Magazine suggests that after the ingestion of drinks light/zero, our body continues to want to find a way to consume the calories associated with when you eat something sweet. Thus, the tendency to make an excessive caloric intake is higher, since the organism has the need to compensate for these calories you want.

To Lose Weight Do Not Eat These Foods… 1


The dried fruit can be divided into two groups: oilseeds and fruits are dehydrated.

And the important thing is to realize that one of them is essential in our diet and the other not so.
Oilseeds (which include walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, etc) are rich in good fats (polinsaturadas), essential to the proper functioning of our body. Should be, of course, consumed in moderation, however this is not the problematic group.
The fruits are dehydrated they pass, as the name itself indicates, by a process of desifratação where they lose the water that naturally makes part of its constitution. This causes these fruits to reduce to fructose, the sugar of the fruit. Thus, 100 grams of fresh plums provides only 50 kcal, while 100 grams of prunes dehydrated can provide up to four times more calories.


Are practical, and tasty options abound on the market.

More simple, with or without flavors, of fruit or chocolate, the offer is wide. But if, for anyone who is dieting, it always seems a good idea to take a stick from cereals to “trick” the hunger, know that you can even be satiated in the time, but it is not the best strategy if you are trying to lose weight.
In fact, these cereal bars are soaked in sugars and fats, which in addition does not do well to their health, still hinder weight loss. But, still, nothing like reading the labels to try to choose the healthier option and low-calorie.
If you are looking for a healthy option and it helps you to “say goodbye” to “fat”, you can always make your own cereal bars from home.


Another example of foods that you should avoid in order to lose weight.

To Lose Weight Do Not Eat These Foods… 2

It is a case similar to the one of the cereal bars. The problem is that with so much offer that there is on the market it is easy to make the wrong choices.
The cereals considered to be “more tasty” are, as a rule, the more caloric and higher added sugar or fat. And not everyone meet the dose reference (30 grams) to be able, without problems, to enter this type of grain in their feed, without which there do not bring a quiilinhos more!
But this does not mean that there are no good options. Usually the less tasty, or more simple, are the most healthy, because they are the “natural”. If you do not want your cereal in the morning, the suggestion is to choose the least caloric (don’t forget to read the labels), and then equips your breakfast with a yogurt or fruit for example.


The salads are formidable to those who want to lose weight (and not only), since they are great sources of nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, or carbohydrates, for example).

But there is a catch. The salads are good yes, if they are kept simple.
If you really want to lose weight, pay attention to the ingredients that you add it to your salad, especially the sauces. And no, the olive oil is not your biggest enemy. Quite to the contrary. You should even add olive oil to your salads as fat-soluble vitamins only be absorbed in presence of fat (preferably the good: polyunsaturated).
You should be aware of the amount that puts the that puts. Mayonnaise, sauce, yogurt (raw), cocktail, or other gender will not add value to your salad. Quite to the contrary.

To Lose Weight Do Not Eat These Foods… 3
Will only add saturated fat and contribute to weight gain. Use and abuse of the vinegars, lemon, lime, herbs and spices to give more flavor to your salad. And these, yes, are good options for weight loss.